Schroth Scoliosis Program is the most effective re-posturing program to address scoliosis. Our re-posturing program is tailored to both young and adult.

Our intensive Schroth scoliosis program is 15 hours long completed in one week. The exercise routines are carefully designed for each participant. These are Schroth specific re-posturing exercises with necessary modifications to address individual limitations. Each scoliosis is different and must be treated uniquely.  skeleton scoliosis

Highlights of the Intensive program: 

  • Five consecutive days of 3 hours each day (total of 15 hours)
  • Intensive one-on-one sessions
  • Initial assessment
  • Detailed documentation of the objective findings
  • Participant education about the findings and the type of scoliosis
  • Education about basic Schroth Method
  • Step-by-step explanation of scoliosis re-posturing exercises
  • Gradual progression to practical scoliosis specific exercises
  • Online access to your exercises
  • Manual muscle release techniques if needed
  • Use of modalities to reduce muscle tightness/pain if needed
  • Free rice bags for propping (if needed, up to three)
  • Free exercise ball (if needed)
  • Free stretch band (if needed)
  • Free resistance band (if needed)