Our compact scoliosis program is an excellent way to receive the benefits of Schroth re-posturing program, yet with more flexibility.


The Compact program is a package of five (5) approximately one hour long intensive one-on-one sessions. For a better outcome, the package must be completed within two (2) weeks. With this option, you may schedule your sessions at your convenient time.

We recommend our Compact program to adult customers that require more flexibility due to work schedule. Also, customers how have completed Intensive Schroth program may find the Compact program as a refresher course.combo PA FF scoliosis

A single package of Compact program will not be enough to design a comprehensive home exercise program. Schroth re-posturing exercises can be difficult in theory and practice at first. Only with continued repetitions of the exercises combined with supervised tactile and verbal cueing one can feel confident enough doing the exercises correctly at home. On many occasions, newcomers to Schroth Scoliosis program have participated in 2 to 3 packages of our Compact program.

Highlights of the Compact program:

  • Five consecutive days of 3 hours each day (total of 15 hours)
  • Intensive one-on-one sessions
  • Initial assessment
  • Detailed documentation of the objective findings
  • Participant education about the findings and the type of scoliosis
  • Education about basic Schroth Method
  • Step-by-step explanation of scoliosis re-posturing exercises
  • Gradual progression to practical scoliosis specific exercises
  • Manual muscle release techniques if needed