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What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a complex three-dimensional condition of the spine, and about 65% are idiopathic [2].

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How does it work?

Each type of scoliosis will have unique sets of exercises. You will learn which exercise is appropriate for your scoliosis.

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Case Studies

Various case studies show the benefit of intensive and outpatient conservative scoliosis treatment based on Schroth scoliosis re-posturing program.

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  • Shah spent time listening to me and addressing my concerns and questions clearly and unhurriedly. His explanations were excellent and his manner professional and yet cordial.
  • I stumbled upon Body Balance and Beyond almost three years ago and since working with Shah, the curvature of my spine has improved drastically. My last X-ray showed an 11% improvement.
  • The level of understanding of the problems was very high and complete. Both technically and intuitively Shah dealt with the many complicated issues and was clear in communicating his observations. Hands on technique is unusual and helpful.
  • Shah knows his stuff, is effective and was very patient with my teenage son, who has suffered with severe scoliosis. Under Shah's guidance with proper exercises, my son has reduced both his curvature on x-ray and back pain significantly. My son has learned a great deal about self care and discipline as a result. Thank you so much, Shah!
  • I found Shah to be informative, professional, knowledgeable and personable. He was attentive during our initial appointment and had a caring manner. I look forward to future therapy sessions and am optimist of his ability to help me with my back issues.
  • Shah is awesome, I've been coming to him because of back pain I've been having due to my scoliosis.
  • I've been to many PTs in my lifetime, but Shah is in a league of his own. His in-depth knowledge of spine physiology; his keen observation & listening skills; and his ability to develop & communicate an effective healing program are exceptional.
  • So far, this place has been just wonderful. My mom was recently diagnosed with scoliosis and was referred to Body Balance and Beyond. The exercises that Shah has prescribed for my mom are improving her quality of life.
  • I was very impressed with Shah.  He is knowledgeable, caring, listens.  Keeps up with the latest treatments, techniques and is creative.  His personal goal is to get you better, and he feels committed.
  • Shah was as usual fantastic. I would not go for treatment anywhere else. Professional, knowledgeable, caring and sensitive to your individual condition. I have had a chronic neck condition that only BB&B could treat successfully.

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