Course Description

Complete Scoliosis Program (CSP) is a Methodology of how to approach and treat scoliosis.

It incorporates Schroth Method and manual therapy. This course is a lecture and lab course. 

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Complete Scoliosis Program systematically approaches scoliosis. Attendees will examine scoliosis and its pathological effects on musculoskeletal tissue, joints, lungs, and breathing.will allow you to address this  complex condition with confidence.


Due to the nature of the muscle imbalance in scoliosis, participants will be able to identify these muscle imbalance through an advanced drawings of  affected muscles. During the lab portion of the course, a series of carefully designed manual muscle release and joint mobilization techniques will be demonstrated.Because scoliosis is a three-dimensional condition, a clear and dissected concept of this condition will be demonstrated. Also, participants will learn a series of step-by-step exercises with the focus on patient education and home exercise program. Each type of scoliosis has its own set of exercises. 

Additionally, to ensure a thorough understanding of the subject, a step-by-step exercise planwill be reviewed, and questions from attendeeswill be answered.

Participants will leave this course with a fresh perspective and more confidence in treating scoliosis.